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We are Ingveldur who is a primary school teacher and Steini who is a mechanic. We have lived on Rauðuskriður for 32 years, Steini was born here and raised, but Ingveldur comes from Þingeyjarsveit.


We have 7 children aged 15 to 31 years.

On the farm we have horses, sheep, calves, 2 dogs and one cat. We are very interested in forestry, travel, good food and togetherness with family and friends.


In connection with the nature of Iceland

The town stands by the mountain of Great Dimon which is a magnificent mountain to walk on. The walk is suitable for everyone and lasts from 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on the environment and the physical condition of the mountain goats.


Close by there is a homemade lake, where you can run for trout, row a boat or just lie on the riverbank and listen to the birds.


Those who come and stay with us get to meet and greet the animals, it is always possible to hug a dog or a cat, go on a horseback ride, watch small lambs, feed the calves or just watch.

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